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AOSCAR Elevators was founded by industry experts with vast experience in vertical transportation sector. Since its inception the motto has been rolling out state of the art quality products matching with customer expectations. Aoscar's manufacturing process and technical capabilities matches with every type of product design. One of the unique differentiation of Aoscar Elevator range its contemporary looks and technological advantage related to safety and durability. All elements in the elevators have been given a face-lift with attractive patterns, illumination cover, smooth and durable painted panels in varied colors of choice, scientific ventilation, synthetic, non-skid floor mats and specially designed car operating electronic panels.

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Continuous innovation and reinvention process at AOSCAR Elevators will warrant a safe, smooth and silent ride every time for a life time! The Premium components used by AOSCAR Elevators ensure minimum noise levels, vibration or disturbance through your journey.

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