AOSCAR Elevators, The leading Hydraulic Lift Manufacturers in Hyderabad. Our range of Hydraulic Lifts best suits for Commercial Establishments, Hospitals, Residential apartments. We also undertake large and bulk orders as we are the top Hydraulic Lift Suppliers in Hyderabad

Our range of Hydraulic Lifts also caters to motor vehicle showrooms also because of its safety and security features like Direct Landing System and Automatic rescue device. In this competitive market We offer the best solutions in the hydraulic lifts category being a top notch Hydraulic Lift Dealers in Hyderabad.

Advantages of AOSCAR Elevators Hydraulic Lifts:

Hydraulic lifts are Cheaper, safe, greener, fast, powerful, and are comparatively easy to plan. According to a study conducted by Swiss Federal Office of Energy, it has been an established fact that cost of power needed for a lift in an apartment building in which approximately 40,000 trips are happen per year, i.e. approximately 100 trips dailyaccording to what is now known. According to the study, the known maintenance costs for the hydraulic and traction lifts, the yearly savings of € 800 for hydraulic passenger lift is achieved in an apartment building.

For a hydraulic lift, oil and seals should be changed every 15 years compulsorily. These components or materials are obtainable in the open market for hydraulics. Hydraulic Elevators includes Car Lifts mainly accessible for car showrooms to transport from floor to floor.

Hydraulic lifts are very safe compared to the other types of lifts, than traction in all phases of installation and operation:

The Safety of the installation and service, it consists of simple emergency rescue without backup power and also has high earthquake resistance. All of this is very good to know, if you would never want to compromise safety in any way. The innovative requirements for protection against uncontrolled movement of the cabin (A3 standard) are very easy to be fulfilled with a hydraulic lift.

Suitable for : Commercial buildings, hospitals, low rise residential apartments

Advantages : Direct landing system, Automatic rescue device

Power : 3 phase

Capacity : 2000 -2500 kg

Speed : 0.30, 0.5, m/s

Travel : up to 11 stops

Car shades : MS powder coat / SS matt finish

Car Door : MS Automatic door / Manual collapsible door

Landing Door : MS Automatic door / Manual collapsible door

Operating System : Hydraulic, Geared & Gearless Traction

Hydraulic lifts are very safe in-order to be installed

No heavy drives are needed to be installed overhead

There is no need of counterweights (Hence there is no risk of collisions or uncontrolled upward movement Service (or) Repair

All of the work on the drive can be done by standing

There isno risk to service staff from the counterweights of the hydraulic elevators

There is no need for any replacement of heavy sieves and ropes

The Drive service is done with shaft doors remaining closed;this would help in minimising the risk to the general public, in case of an accidental fall Rescue (or) Evacuation

One of the outstanding features of the Hydraulic Car Lifts is Fast rescue downwards, which is independent of the load in the elevator

All of these simple procedures don’t require the servicers of trained staff

There is absolutely no danger from counterweights in multiplex systems Fire

In case of fast evacuation downwards, which is standard (with traction MRLs, smoke will be rising up the shaft can hamper access to the rescue elements on the top floor) Earthquake

The shaft head do not carry heavy loads (drive is always on the ground)

There is absolutely no risk of dangerous counterweight oscillations

When the travel is quick, short and the maximum speed is only achieved for a short time period. A characteristic “stop and go“ ride up to 6 floors can hardly justify a higher maximum speed that defines it’s capability.

AOSCAR Elevators is one of the leading elevator manufacturing companies in Hyderabad. There are well known for giving highest standard of safety and quality to their customers. All this is quite well substantiated by the positive refreshing testimonials we receive daily.